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ChronoScan Document Capture

Process a Wide Range of Documents and Fully Automate your Workflows


Whether you are a small, medium or large corporation chances are that one area in your business where there is always a lot of paper and consequently a lot of data entry is the finance department. Primarily much of this paperwork will relate to accounts payable invoices, whether that is solely the invoice itself or potentially a lot of supporting documentation.

ChronoScan has the ability to capture invoices and associated documents, capture and extract the data and transfer that data to your desired finance and/or content management application in a fraction of the time it would take an operator to manually process.

By using a fully automated workflow invoices can be processed 24/7 without any manual intervention other than when ChronoScan detects a validation error, for example the PO number doesn’t match a database lookup or the net + tax total is not equal to the invoice total.

Allows you to Scan/Index Large Set of Documents, Eliminates Data Entry, Extract Text from PDF's to convert to MetaData,Export Documents and Data to your CRM/ERP
Optimize Accuracy, Faster Response Times, Automate Payables
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