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Document Imaging Partners' document management and workflow solutions eliminate operational issues by assessing the user’s document environment and identifying strategies to reduce costs and improve productivity. We look carefully at the business operations and propose continuous improvements to meet these needs.

We drive efficiency in your office through innovative mobile and cloud solutions, document security and bespoke application integration. Our open-platform approach means our flexible solutions can be “off the shelf” or tailored to meet the needs of any sized business. 

Gain Better Control of: 

Creation and Categorization

Use pre-approved Templates, ensures that the right templates are used to create the relevant documents.

Review and Approvals

Reveiwing and approval of documents made easy and timely.

Release Management

Allows approved documents in an atuomated method based on pre-defined criteria

Document Training

Offers easy identification on revised documents to automatically notify and track who has viewedm read and approved training material.

Revision and Peridoic Reviews

History is maintained for each document and create rules for obsolence, in compliance with internal policies.

Change Management Security

Change process includes requests and reviews to manage processes associated with documents


Controls and monitors the access to specific content according to the company's internal policies.

Search/Library Management

Support full text search and key words using the tags created for documents.


Reach out to others, without giving up ownership of the task.

Mobile Access

Go anywhere, anytime on any device to access your information.

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboards to make information easily retreivable, helph you make quick decisions.

Document Comparison

See what is changed from the previous reversion.

Office 365/On-LIne and Off Line Document Collabration

Intergration into common applications, like, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.


Accounts Payable is an integral department in all organisations. With high demand on accuracy and time to manually receive multiple invoices, process and pay them, there is always room for error.

We offer workflow solutions that can decrease this margin for error by automating the way invoices are received and processed.

Our accounts payable solutions save time and reduce repetitive manual tasks. By capturing invoices (whether paper, fax, email or electronic) to a digital encrypted format, invoice details can be electronically matched to PO’s. This increases the accuracy of payments, as errors are highlighted, allowing a quick review and amendment of the captured invoice data. With less time spent on routine payments, the department becomes more efficient, resulting in shorter payment times for customers. By saving time, extra accounts payable resources can be directed to other value add activities within the business.


  • Reduce manual data entry/ Reduces accounts payable cycle times
  • Increase accuracy through real-time data validation
  • Transparency in the workflow – minimise bottlenecks
  • Compliance with all aspects of the process
  • Store and access your invoices with ease


A mobile workforce is the way of the future. To maintain an efficient and productive on-the-go workforce, organisations need to provide easy access to information and systems externally, whilst keeping data secure. 

Our solutions offers mobile access and workflow solutions that can securely manage your documents on the move. 

With a cloud based solutions enable mobile employees to stay mobile and still complete the administration tasks required to keep the business moving. Sales staff can send quotes, review proposals and approve purchase orders securely. Managers can approve staff leave applications and sign off business approvals from anywhere in the world.


  • Increased staff/team productivity
  • Greater flexibility for the business and employees
  • Information (IP) secured
  • Real time processing


Privacy is of upmost importance in all of our lives. This is especially true of Human Resource departments. Being able to keep employee information such as resumes, employment history and remuneration confidential, whilst keeping it easily accessible is crucial to managing the company’s largest asset – People. 

We offer document management and workflows solutions that securely store employee files and provide controlled access to private information where needed.


  • Quick retrieval of documents
  • Secure storage with managed access
  • Reduced storage space
  • Efficient authorisation processes – through automated workflows
  • Legal and compliance requirements are met through long term storage of paperless employee files

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