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Main Challenges Solved

Technology is changing the way we do business, see the different way we can improve the way you do business

Accounts Payable

Manual, time consuming and monotonous are all words to describe the typical accounts payable process. Let us show you how automation can transform your process.

How We Help

  • Automate Document Handling, Management and Digital Storage
  • Visibility into Process Stages
  • Single platform for all processes
  • Streamline Security, compliance and audit processes
  • Collaboration - Internally, and with customers or vendors
  • Real-time Reporting

System Integration (Office 365, ERP, CRM, E-mail, Accounting)

Bridge the gap between all your systems so they work together to provide immediate access to all of your information across different applications, systems and repositories.

How We Help

  • Seamless integration into Windows and Office 365
  • Support for all file formats (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Direct integration with all modern CRM, ERP, E-Mail and Accounting Systems
  • Import e-mail messages from your email server

Document Management

Do you spend too much time looking for information? We provide you with an intelligent and efficient document management platform to give you instant access to the right document at the right time.

How We Help

  • Store, manage and retrieve information quickly
  • Single platform to view all business-critical information
  • Version control
  • Document  Collaboration
  • Remote Access

Virtual Office / Remote Accessibility

With companies looking at virtual workforces, we understand the need to maintain team culture for collaboration and flexible workplaces, while protecting data and allowing remote access.

How We Help

  • Access your information from anywhere at anytime
  • Remote Approvals
  • Mobile, Web and Offline access
  • Automatic online and offline transitions

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced technology can reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing information and storing it in a way that works for you.

How We Help

  • Manage information from multiple systems or repositories
  • Intelligent Information Capturing
  • Automatically tag and classify information
  • Separate what’s important from the clutter


We take your privacy and data protection seriously by providing a platform that addresses technical requirements of your industry standards and regulations.

How We Help

  • Control data visibility; hide and protect sensitive documents while maintaining a single storage location
  • Windows Active Directory authentication
  • Encrypted connections
  • Automated backups of all data
  • Simple and configurable permission settings reduce the risk of human error

Process Automation / Workflow Creation

Streamline your current processes to give you, your team, and your customers better efficiency, visibility, and simplicity to your day to day activities.

How We Help

  • Project Management
  • Increased visibilty to process / project stages
  • Digital Signatures 
  • Automated Task Reminders
  • Integrate with other systems for a singular process

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