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Giving Back

Giving Back

We are a company that cares and with success also means taking responsibility for the bigger picture.  Locally owned businesses build strong communities by linking economic and social relationships, contributing to local needs. It is important for us to share some of our success by giving back.

There are many ways in which businesses can contribute to the well-being of the community. We always remember, no matter how you do it, giving back can ignite change and positive impact. Paying it forward can only do Good!

Here are a few examples of our devotion to the community that supports our success :

  • 28 x $ 500 each Scholarships each year to students that show an Entrepreneurial spirit and give back to their communities in the form of volunteering.  Our scholarship Program has been in effect since 2006.
  • Endless Sponsorships to local sports team, charity golf tournaments, charitable organizations
  • Full donation program in effect since 2005 for non-profit organizations.  We donate MFP’s for the use of non-profit organizations with limited funding.  To date, we have donated over 100 MFP’s into the non-profit sector.  We are known as the dealership that always says YES and helps every organization in need.

We Believed In:

Being socially conscientious of others around you

Finding opportunities and take care of our community

Investing in your community through donations

Supporting and acknowledging students who are leaders and role models in their schools and community

Promoting Local Businesses as much as possible

Understanding that every small contribution can improve our community

Most Important is to be Kind

Be Part of Making Our Communities Great!

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